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We mainly work in commission of CIOs, CDOs, CTOs and CFOs of government institutions and private companies.

Who We Are

We operate at the intersection of data, technology, process, and people to solve organisational puzzles

We are a team of consultants, engineers, and scientists who have gained their experiences within business- and IT-domain, in various roles both within the government and private businesses. For example, we have worked as: CIO, CTO, Program director, IT Manager, Contract Manager, Information Manager, Financial controller, Legal advisor, and Data analyst. During that period, we have seen and experienced that the connection between the business and IT can and should be better.


We invest in the priorities of society


We set objectives that are specific, flexible, and move forward step-by-step as bi-weekly sprints.


We create end-results which are user-centric to guarantee maximum acceptance.


We deliver proactive recommendations and implement solutions based on data analytics.






Our 6 out of 17 Sustainable Development Goals

04 Quality education

We ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities that is desired.

07 Affordable and sustainable energy

We ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy that is feasible and prudent.

08 Fair work and economic growth

We promote sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work that is not one-size-fits-all solution.

09 Industry, innovation, and infrastructure

We build resilient infrastructure, promote inclusive and sustainable industrialization and foster competent innovation that answer real life issues.

11 Sustainable cities and communities

We make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable. Additionally, we ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages.

16 Peace, justice, and strong public services

We promote peaceful and inclusive societies for sustainable development, provide access to justice for all and build effective, accountable and inclusive institutions at all levels.


We not only advise you, but also develop and implement solutions


Ivast Consulting provides tailored solutions for intricate organizational challenges, leaning on a rich reservoir of experience. Committed to quality, we blend proven methodologies with comprehensive post-service support to ensure client satisfaction. In our R&A division, we specialize in data analysis, employing both qualitative and quantitative techniques, and harnessing Business Intelligence for profound insights. Additionally, by weaving creativity into our approach, we consistently innovate and deliver transformative solutions to our clients.

Management services

At Ivast Consulting, we specialize in delivering solutions tailored to complex organizational challenges. Drawing from our vast experience and knowledge, we guide clients through strategic, financial, technical, and relational hurdles, addressing multifaceted needs. Each solution is crafted uniquely, prioritizing precision, practicality, and client-specific requirements.

Quality is our benchmark. We employ proven methodologies rooted in industry best practices, ensuring consistent results. Our pragmatic guidance targets both immediate and future goals, promising unparalleled client satisfaction. This promise is reinforced by our steadfast post-service support.

R&A and Creativity

In our R&A division, we shine in smart data gathering and interpretation. We adeptly analyze diverse data types, like observational, experimental, simulation, and derived data, identifying patterns and correlations. Based on the data's nature, we use custom qualitative or quantitative methods. Qualitative focuses on nominal and ordinal values, whereas quantitative targets discrete and continuous ones. We merge rigorous analysis with Business Intelligence tools, delivering deep insights and guiding informed decisions.

Understanding the importance of creativity, we infuse it into our R&A service to enhance problem-solving and add value. Creativity spurs novel ideas and is vital in the early stages of the Innovation Life Cycle. By harnessing creativity, we discover new angles, consider different strategies, and spot underlying patterns. This inventive approach, combined with the power of Business Intelligence, empowers us to provide impactful solutions, ushering in significant transformations for our clients.


As the digital realm evolves, Ivast Consulting stands at the forefront, guiding businesses in harmonizing IT and overarching goals. Through crafting specialized tools and platforms, we streamline infrastructure and user interactions. In the era of the fourth industrial revolution, we harness the potential of data with our expertise in R&D and innovation. While R&D concentrates on turning investments into knowledge, innovation pivots this knowledge into tangible business successes. Together, they form a symbiotic relationship, shaping the early stages of the Innovation Life Cycle.

Engineering solutions

With the ongoing digital shift in engineering, IT departments must continually adapt and acquire diverse skills. It's essential for IT to synchronize with business goals, and equally vital for businesses to navigate the ever-changing IT world. At Ivast Consulting, we assist in bridging this "business-IT alignment", addressing its inherent challenges. We craft and introduce tailored tools, applications, APIs, and platforms across the IT spectrum: infrastructure, applications, and user interaction.

R&D and Innovation

Amidst the fourth industrial revolution, data stands as a paramount asset. Our strength in R&D and innovation equips organizations to harness a data-centric strategy using the latest technologies. We engage in scenario simulations, offer insights, and elevate AI capabilities using the dynamic force of Business Analytics, promoting forward-thinking decisions.

R&D and innovation, though interconnected, serve distinct purposes. R&D is about transforming investments into knowledge. In contrast, innovation takes that knowledge and translates it into lucrative business results. It involves the execution of unique and beneficial ideas. Essentially, while R&D is a foundational element, it exists within the expansive umbrella of innovation, taking a pivotal position in the initial stages of the Innovation Life Cycle.


We have acquired knowledge and experience in various roles on all levels of operations, both in government and in private sector, in both customer and supplier organizations.


Ivast Consulting has extensive knowlegde and experience to build organisations or departments from the scratch, both for the public and the private sector. We help you to establish the building blocks of your venture: data, technology, process, and people.


The majority of the projects are in this category. The activities are already up and running, but needs a modification or an upgrade. Or sometimes it is a challenge to scale it up. Ivast Consulting will tap into the building blocks of your activities and transform it to effectively match the desired goals.

Ivast Consulting

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Our working principles are to deliver you a competitive edge

Pragmatic analytics

We identify focussed actions that lead to results. To do so we apply what we call 'pragmatic analytics'. Analytics means our advice is thoroughly based on our reference framework, data analysis tools and market comparisons. Pragmatic means that we first use common sense and experience; we don't analyse for the sake of analysing.

Measurable results

Core to our vision is delivering measurable results within a one year time frame. To do so, we start with the definition of relevant and clear goals. In our view a clear goal is also a quantified goal, and all goals can be quantified. By defining quantified goals, improvement initiatives can be tracked, and successes celebrated.

Sharing solutions

Innovative improvements are identified by motivated people in all organisations. Advisory firms are in a good position to share solutions that work in the community of IT organisations. We intend share what works.

Value adding partnerships

We believe in focus. For area's where we are less strong, we work with specialised partners. Also, when less complex repetitive tasks are required to deliver our services, we make use of offshore resources, to maximise client value.


We offer services and solutions

Digital Strategy

We help organizations with drawing up digital strategies and implementing necessary changes to facilitate digital transformation. We operate on the basis of research and best practices. The total process includes drafting a digital vision and strategy that will have to be adjusted, readjusted and monitored continuously which is inevitable.

Agile Governance

We have extensive experience with establishing (chain) governance, implementing required changes and actually making these changes work successfully in the new setup. We operate on the basis of research and best practices that have been proven in practice, such as governance models, chain capacity management, e-CF profiles, and sizing of the management organization.

Financial Control

We have years of experience with the correct allocation, transparency, and flexibility of IT costs. Consequently, we operate on the basis of best practices proven in practice, such as constructive cost modeling, (CoCoMo), market-conforming service descriptions and components, business case models and models for financial agreements (DFA).

Vendor Management

We employ several consultants that have the required experience with vendor management within the ecosystem of strategic partners, cloud suppliers, and application and software suppliers. We operate on the basis of best practices that have been proven in practice, such as allotment models, tender documents (EU and non-EU), contracting documents, and management models.

Legal Advice

We work together with jurists and lawyers who have years of experience in the context of the increasing number of IT partners that governments and business depend on. Our experts underline the importance of maneuverability, flexibility, and continuity in contracts. This is a very crucial examination, because of the fast technological developments in IT services.

Quality Assurance

Our QA services focus on monitoring and assuring that the agreed deliverables are implemented at the agreed quality level. We offer this service in all of our expertise areas, such as digital strategy and financial control. Our advisors have carried out several QA assignments at various government institutions and private organizations in recent years.

Quality Control

QA is a preventive process to ensure quality and is process driven, while QC is a reactive process to evaluate quality and is product driven. Our QC services focus on the identification of defects to verify the quality of products (intangible as well as physical). We measure deliverables against standards and check whether the quality indicators are met or not. In this context we answer the central question: is a task executed the way we agreed to it? Our quality experts have best practices for both the implementation phase (QA) as well as the operational phase (QC).

Artificial Intelligence

AI makes it possible for machines to learn from experience, adjust to new inputs and perform human-like tasks. Our consultants have indepth knowlegde of Machine- and Deep Learning in the context of supervised and unsupervised learning. We have developed our own framework to transform and equip organisations to become data-driven. The core value is derived from the foundations of Business Intelligence (BI) and Business Analytics (BA). BI is needed to run the business on the course, while BA is needed to change the course of the business.

Blockchain Apps

Cybercrime has grown multifold in the past few years. The hacking of over a billion Yahoo accounts, the Equifax data breach, and increased ransomware damages are just a few incidents. For transactional systems, blockchain is our saviour. Blockchain is a technology to create and maintain a cryptographically secure, shared, and distributed ledger (a database) for transactions. It brings trust, accountability, and transparency to digital transactions, and if necessary also anonymity. Our specialists have hands-on experience with these cryptic transactions.

We are covering all the three categories of business activities

SETUP the course of the business

We help you the way in which your organization is organized and planned.

RUN the business on the course

We help you with the journey taken by your organization on a regular basis.

CHANGE the course of the business

We help your organization to take a proactive route to beat the competition.


Enjoy the optimal business operation

Faster and competent innovations

Compliant and transparent internal processes

Happy and engaged clients

Healthy and sustainable financials


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Check our latest projects

De Nederlandse Bank

'De Nederlandsche Bank' also known as DNB has been outsourcing its application management, development, and infrastructure services since 2018. At present, the selected vendors have initiated the transition phase. In order to ensure that the decisions made during this transition were in accordance with the long-term objectives of DNB, an independent quality assurance was necessary.

We constructed a quality framework to test the decisions made by the vendors. Central to this framework were the business drivers and the objectives of both the DNB, the management organization and the vendors. Subsequently, a baseline was configured, and periodic assessments are (still being) carried out based on the quality framework.

Ultimately, this should result in optimal cooperation with the selected vendors with the aim of a more digitally operating organization in which the following four themes are leading: data-driven work, data quality, cyber security, and digital collaboration.

Stream - Taxology

The tax collection nowadays is more proactive in nature and the diversity is still growing for example the amount and variety of US State Tax Notices that corporations and institutional investors are receiving are into the thousands on a yearly basis. This requires to automate and service the routine tax processes so that one can focus on the more complex tax issues. The challenge was to develop a novel solution that was capable of this robotization, because afterall conventional solutions were failing to deliver adequate results.

We have developed several dedicated data science models that are leveraging modern advances in Natural Language Processing to classify state tax notices. The Deep Learning models in Stream's Machine Learning pipeline were designed and trained exclusively for Stream's ability to classify notices from all 50 states. Effectively, Stream 'reads' and classifies state tax notices by subject matter and key values just like a human would. Only much faster, and much more accurate.

With this powerful notice digitalization we have achieved intelligent US state tax notice management for corporations and institutional investors. Tax experst are now able to focus only on more complex tax issues which are material in value. In short, Stream is a cloud based app that scans notices and automatically extracts all key values. The tax expert can initiate all sorts of processing and reporting actions with just a few clicks of a button, and manage the tax notices efficiently from Stream's dashboard.

Erasmus University Rotterdam

IT is becoming increasingly important for the Erasmus University and is progressively affecting the quality of education, the performance of researchers and the effectiveness of operational management. To strengthen the required IT competencies and associated tasks and authorities, we were tasked with developing an IT transition plan that provides guidance for the development of the following organizational areas: organization, people, process, and technology.

In commission of the CIO office of the Erasmus University, our team, in cooperation with stakeholders, developed an IT transition plan. This plan incorporated goals for and the impact on the organization, staff and technology. In addition, it contained a roadmap, time consequences, costs, capacity, and risk aspects of the transition.

We have created awareness and understanding of which competencies were necessary for a successful transition and provided insight in which steps would be required to obtain these competencies. Furthermore, it has been made transparent which steps will have to be taken to set up an IT organization.

Ministerie van Defensie

The Ministry of Defense benefits from a clear and unambiguous structure for internal regulations, in order to promote their usability and findability and to prevent proliferation. Internal regulations take many forms and are established in one of several regulatory documents, such as Direction, Instruction or Prescription. These documents are published on the Publication Portal on the intranet. This regulatory portal should be seen as the 'Single Point of Truth' for all current unclassified Defense-wide internal regulations. We were tasked to collect and analyze the current collection of Ministerial and Defense Publications for topicality, validity, and quality.

We have programmed a 'smart (self-learning) software' to help clean up and simplify the internal regulations of the Ministry of Defense. This concept code is tested against two control dimensions: document management and document content. Our solution consisted of several intelligent rule based algorithms and two state-of-the-art Machine- and Deep Learning Natural Language Processing models.

We have demonstrated the usefulness and advantage of using a smart (self-learning) software package to clean up and simplify all current unclassified Defense-wide internal regulations. In fact, the usefulness and advantage not only concern the (one-off) cleaning and simplification of the Defense internal regulations, but also periodically during the implementation of the regular processes for the development, maintenance and management of internal regulations.

Raad van State

'Raad van State' also known as RvS is one of the High Councils of the State and its main task is to advise the government and parliament on legislation and administration. In addition, this body is the highest general administrative judge. Hence, it has two divisions: the Advisory Division and the Administrative Jurisdiction Division. The RvS has noble goals to be always impartial, transparent, and consistent with their verdicts. Therefore, for their Administrative Jurisdiction Division, we were contracted to develop an AI application to help them with their daily operations of arguments versus judgements, and vice versa, together with the anonymization of personal data to be able to publicize the verdicts on their webportal.

From the boundary conditions of the project, we have developed an AI platform that is based on Natural Language Processing models to intelligently match arguments with previous judgments, and the other way around. Also, another Natural Language Processing model was build and trained to anonymize personal data of the appealer. This latter model has a Named Entity Recognition layer to predict which word or group of words in a sequence are related to personal data.

Our specifically trained Natural Language Processing models for the RvS is very capable of assisting judges and publicizers to do their jobs much more faster and functionally. While the models have an accuracy of more than 95%, the reactive frontend enables anyone authorized to make appropriate adjustments at their own discretion. This is the so called human-in-the-loop element to achieve 100% accurate results.


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